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 The Pearl Latex Posturepedic Divan Set

Incorporates the PostureTech 660 Response spring system and contains a deep layer of Innergenic latex which offers superb comfort and pressure relief. Endorsed by Allergy UK as a product recognised to help reduce bedroom allergens caused by house dust mites, this model utilises Sealy smart fibres which will help those suffering from dust mite allergies. The Pearl Latex also has the Zonal Support System to correctly align the spine in its natural shape and help reduce aches and pains. The use of Sealy smart fibres also helps to provide a cool, dry, fresh and hypoallergenic sleeping environment. This divan set comes paired with a padded top divan base, with or without drawers. The mattress depth is 28cm, and has a medium feel.

Mattress Depth: 28cm

Mattress Tension: Medium Feel. 


SEALY Posturepedic Range

The Posturepedic range incorporates Sealy’s patented PostureTech spring system which ensures even weight distribution for the sleeper and edge-to-edge support for enhanced comfort. Sealy smart fibres help ensure a cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping environment. Many of their mattresses are endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house dust mites. The Posturepedic range comprise of models ranging in firmness from medium/gentle to medium/firm and uses modern fibres such as TENCEL - an eco-friendly fabric with natural cooling properties which help to maintain an optimum body temperature.

Sealy Pearl Latex Divan Set

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